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In the pre-fencing when you have come into the guard of the Ox through a plunge, then strike (as soon as you can reach him) a serious and forceful Wrath Strike from your right to his left ear with a long right foot step, as soon as the strike touches or hits, then almost twitch off again and strike over against his left arm, also with the long edge, but with this strike step with your left foot to his right and take your head out to the side behind your blade, just then he may be ready either to strike or otherwise with his sword stretched out ahead to displace, so at first let your blade hang behind you from your right arm, and meanwhile twitch your grip over your head to your right and take his blade (he is stretched out from striking or displacing) with your long edge or flat and strongly and forcefully high traverse out from your right to his left so that you break out fully with your blade, and in this outward stride let your blade fly above again in a traverse over your head against his left ear, from there twitch your sword over your head again and strike a strong strike swinging in to his right ear with the flat outward, in a flat strike as shown by the larger figure on the right hand side of illustration K, also mark diligently that you step fully out with the left foot to his right side in this strike, from this flatstrike or Bounce Strike twitch your sword high over your head, keeping your hands high, and let the blade fly over with the long edge to his right arm, and yet don’t impact, but traverse nimbly to his left ear while stepping back with the right foot, and sign off. This play, when you have arranged it thus, gives you thus the cut held (as taught above) in reserve, with which you can make more room, either in fencing the full play, or onward in taking another part.

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What the Device Teaches Us

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Vom tag, left leg forward Waiting in Ochs, left leg forward
Passing Step forward, Zornhauw to upper left opening
Passing Step toward your left, Zwerch diagonally up under his right arm
Parry with the long edge cut from the high right Let the blade fall to your left shoulder in a kind of Mair's Hangetort
Passing Step back with the left, bring the hilt all the way around your head with a Mittelhauw with the edge or flat to beat aside his blade.
Let the blade loop around over your head (Rinde) and Zwerch his left ear.
Let the blade loop around over your head (Rinde) and Zwerch his left ear.
Passing Step toward your left, slash around to the other side with a Prellhauw to the right side of his head
Bounce off and cut a Oberhauw from the same side at his arms.
NOTE: If you get stuck binding at any time, follow with the slice.
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