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Freifechter is the last recognised level of grading within our Meyer system. It represents the stage where the student has a working knowledge of the entire longsword syllabus and has shown the ability to analyse and teach the system for themselves. At this level techniques will be carried out with intent and control, and show consistent application across the syllabus.

The techniques required for this level can be found in the Table of Techniques for Grading.

In addition to these techniques the candidate for Freifechter must choose a play from Meyer's longsword (or one of their other specialisations), analyse it, and present it to the class as a lesson.

In addition to the longsword and dagger basics the student will have undertaken study into one of Meyer's other weapons, selecting from:

  • Advanced Dagger
  • Dussack
  • Rappier/Sidesword
  • Staff
  • Halberd

Study of this weapon will require mastery of the basic techniques associated with that weapon (specific techniques are available to candidates).

Students can complete multiple Freifechter gradings adding specialisations. As they do so they must present a class analysing a play of the system for whatever weapon they are mastering.

For example a Freifechter student who has specialised in the Staff would be referred to as a "Freifechter of 2 Weapons" (Longsword and Halberd in this case). If they then add the Rappier by doing another grading for those fundamentals, then subsequently they would be known as a "Freifechter of 3 weapons". Eventually they will be a "Freifechter of all Weapons", which is as far as one can go in this system.

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