Zornhut Device 3

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If your counterpart strikes to you from above, then step and strike to him from your right with a high traversing Middle Strike, thus also through and away from his long edge strike in flight so that your blade flies over with the half edge against his left ear but, as soon as you near it, flow off and twitch over your head from your right to your left, step and slash him with an inverted flat from your left to his right ear, high traversing through the middle line shown on the larger figure on the right of illustration A.

1920px-Meyer 1570 Longsword A (Small).jpg

What the Device Teaches Us

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Zornhut, left leg forward Waiting in Zornhut, left leg forward
Passing Step, Zornhauw Passing Step, Mittelhauw
As soon as the blades meet, flow over into a Zwerch or Sturtzhauw from above to his high upper left opening.
Move to parry. Before he can parry this, flow off smoothly with a failing (Fehlen) and cut around to his upper right opening with the flat of the blade in a Prellhauw.
Withdraw with cuts.
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