Vom Tag Device 5

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A Second

In the pre-fencing when you come into the Roof or High Guard, then let your blade sink down in front of you, as before, to your left side, and twitch over your head, step and strike a high traversing Middle Strike with the long edge against his left to his neck or throat, as soon as he withdraws, then twitch again over the head, and strike a second high Middle Strike traversing from your left against his right, again at his throat, as soon as it glides then strike the third, a high strike with the long edge direct from above. These three strikes shall go from one to another in a nimble flight. If you want more room then raise your pommel above to your left side, twitch thus overhead, and take your flat or short edge near your left from below through to his right against your right in a wrench out above him, so that your blade again flies over in the air, and strike with the half edge from above down with crossed hands feinting over near his right ear, you can reach further with the short edge by stepping ahead, thus let it engage and strike a strong wrath strike to his left side and following strike away from him. This is indeed a serious and strong sequence in that, since you have the Before, he can only defend.

What the Device Teaches Us

  • Cutting around (Umbschlagen) opposite and perpendicular to line of attack.
  • Applying constant attacking pressure to confound him
  • Feinting with Sturtzhauw

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Zornhut, left leg forward Waiting in Vom tag, left leg forward
Let the tip fall to the left and cut around with a Passing Step Mittelhauw to his left
Parry away with long edge Cut around with a Passing Step Mittelhauw to his left
Long edge parry

[Passing Step back with the left foot and cut an Oberhauw

Parry high Bring the hands up to the left through Ochs and cut a swift Unterhauw to his blade with a Passing Step
Reverse over his blade & let the blade continue around to wrench his blade to your right, cross hands over with a Sturtzhauw feint to his right ear.
Wipe away the cut Passing Step forward right and cut a strong Zornhauw
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