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The Fourth Part

Mark in Pre-Fencing when you have come to hold your sword high above in the guard of the Roof to beware that he not then rush to strike, so that you can stay in the Before, cross your hands over your head, (the right over the left) so that it appears as if you would stab to his face, step under this toward him with your right foot and twitch your sword then to your left over your head and strike him thus with the short edge through a crafty traverse from your right to his left ear, twitch nimbly back off again and drive against his lower right opening with a long traverse, let it not stay but twitch above you again in the same flight and let the third flow off deep to his left ear with the short edge, and slash the short edge again with crossed hands into to his right ear, as soon as this hits, step back with the left foot and strike with the long edge from below to his left arm to be as shown by the figure fighting against the right in the left background of illustration G above, mark here when you step off in this Understrike if he would strike to your lower left opening, then step to him with your left foot and fall with crossed hands and the short edge onto his sword, strike him thus an Understrike as shown in the other figure fighting against the right in the just considered picture. Now mark further just as he then pulls his sword over himself again, then pull your sword with crossed hands full to your left and, just as he slashes again, take his oncoming strike from your left against his right with your outward flat, high traverse out strongly so that your sword flies overhead in full flight and your hands cross over each other in the air while your sword flies, then step full against his right, but still keep your hands high and let the half edge flow off in a twitch near his right ear (as this hits or grazes), and just then strike long with an off step. I have described this part in particular as still many good moves can be taken and be fought from here, therefore you should learn not just this alone, but think forward with diligence. Thus I will describe yet another part with a different start.

1920px-Meyer 1570 Longsword G (Small).jpg

What the Device Teaches Us

  • That violence solves everything
  • When in doubt, Zwerch and Sturtzhauw - these can work as excellent deceptions to confuse and confound the opponent.
  • Combining techniques such as the Prellhauw and Zirckel

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Nebenhut, left leg forward Waiting in Vom tag, left leg forward
Sturtzhauw over to thrust, Passing Step forward with the right
Parry away with long edge Zwerch around to his left ear
Long edge parry

Zwerch/Unterhauw under to his lower right

Parry low Sturtzhauw over to his left ear flowing off
Wipe away the cut Sturtzhauw over to his right ear flowing off letting the blade fall almost to a Schranckhut
Wipe away the cut Passing Step back with the left foot, uncrossing the hands with an Unterhauw to under their left arm
IF you parry, immediately Unterhauw to their lower left opening Fall over their blade with the false edge like a Krumphauw to parry, & cut an Unterhauw from it to their right
Parry and lift away to cut around from the left Zornhauw to their right side. Bring the blade back to a brief Mittelhauw and strike a Prellhauw with the flat at his blade
Zwerch around to his left ear with a bounce around from the previous strike.
Step to the left, cut over with a Sturzhauw with crossed arms to his right ear
Wipe away the Sturtzhauw Carry over in the Zirckel to strike an Oberhauw over the top
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