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Snapping Around

Often referred to simply as schnappen (snapping) this refers to the movement of going through crossed hands and "snapping" over the top with a cut. It can be done above or below the opponent's blade.

For example, having just reversed over their blade from right to left (Verkehren) and barred it from above (Sperren), let the blade go around beside you in a clockwise motion so you move from crossed to uncrossed arms, and in doing so, strike him as you uncross the arms forward.

Alternatively if you have been barred from above, let your blade slide out beside you and 'roll' over their arms with your pommel in a wrenching movement to pull their wrists with your pommel and strike as you snap over.

Application Examples

  • Snapping around from an Overbind is seen in the Oberhauw Application 2 - Versetzen.
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