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Chasing After

Subtly dropping the blade's tip low under the opponent's and thrusting/slicing to the other side.

Application Examples

In which the 'student' demonstrates their knowledge to the 'teacher' of chasing after a guard change

Meister Lehrling
Alber, left leg forward Schlussel or Pflug, left leg forward
Lift up the blade to Vom tag Spring forward with a passing step and strike a rising Unterhauw

A further demonstration showing the chasing after a strike.

Meister Lehrling
Oberhut, left leg forward Oberhut, left leg forward
Passing Step Zornhauw aiming to beat the blade Half Stolen Step back (ie. slip the front leg), evade the cut.
Complete Stolen Step forward with the left foot, cut over the the arms with a Zornhauw to his upper right opening.
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