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Short Cut

A secondary cut which shares much in common with the early german technique which break the guard ochs. The cut is a version of the krumphauw which preemptively cuts underneath an oberhauw with a short cut to the head.


The interpretation of the canonical description of this strike is executed as follows:

  • Standing in left forward weighted posture
  • As the opponent goes up for a strike overhead passing step forward and cut a krumphauw quite tight and short and cut "forward" in the strike so it lands with a short cutting/slicing action to their head.
  • If the opponent cuts down ensure the hands are lifted high so the high guard parries their incoming blow.


In which the 'student' demonstrates their knowledge to the 'teacher'.

Application 1: Kurtzhauw

In this application the cut is being used simultaneously as a Taker and Hitter in the Onset. In this case the fencer is acting in the Nach.

Teacher Student
Ochs, left leg forward Mittelhut or Nebenhut, left leg forward
Lift through Vom tag and take a Passing Step with the right foot, to cut an Oberhauw As soon as they lift to Vom tag, Krumphauw without a step short under their blade angled sharply toward the opponent (this looks almost likes a sturtzhauw), lifting the hands high to collect theirs on the way down, and slice/cut their head.
Withdraw (Abzug) with a defensive high cut or a guard.

Perform this from both sides

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