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Crown Strike

A secondary strike in Meyer's system. This blow parries with the Kron guard and attacks to the high openings.


The canonical application of the Kronhauw is described as follows:

  • Stand in Pflug
  • When the opponent attacks from above, go up to Kron to catch their blade on the crossguard.
  • Lift the pommel high and cut down with the false edge either straight down or on an angle to his head almost like a Sturtzhauw or descending zwerch, keeping his blade on your crossguard or schilt.


In which the 'student' demonstrates their knowledge to the 'teacher'.

In this application the cut is simultaneously a Taker and Hitter in the Onset.

Teacher Student
Vom tag, left leg forward Vom tag, left leg forward
Passing Step forward right with the right foot, cut an Oberhauw to the head. Passing Step forward right, cut down with the flat facing the opponent through Kron, catching the blade on the strong/cross.
Keep the blade moving and lift the pommel to strike with a plunge using the edge or point, Triangle Step right with the rear (left) leg. Keep their blade away with the crossguard or on your strong.
Withdraw (Abzug) with a defensive high cut or a guard.
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